About Jo Kirkwood

Poet, songwriter and storyteller Jo Lynne Kirkwood is the great-granddaughter of an original settler of the Arizona Strip area where she grew up.  The culture and people of southern Utah and northern Arizona form the genesis for many of the poems she writes.  Jo was the 2009 - 2010 AWA Cowgirl Poet of the Year.  She and her husband Mike now live in Sevier County, Utah, where they try to keep a finger on the pulse of all things "cowboy."  Please click through the CONTACT link to visit Jo.

Jo is available for family or company parties, community events, or any time you're in need of western entertainment.  Her poems range from rib-ticklin' to tear-jerkin', and you will enjoy the time you spend with her.  Jo frequently works with western musicians, and a poetry and music combination program is available.